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about us

we are crazy about the climate

Natural, Sustainable, & Affordable: At Cottonless, we believe in developing products that are affordable for everyone. Our company is committed to creating natural products that are sustainable and ethically made.

Our Mission

To have the biggest positive impact on the world. This will be realized by changing behavior, planting trees, creating sustainable jobs, improving lives of producers & workers, reducing environmental damage caused by cotton production, and promoting sustainability awareness.

The Vision

Cottonless is dedicated to creating beautiful and high quality products that change the world. We do that through sustainability. An eco-friendly lifestyle should be accessible to anyone!

Make Sustainable Living More Accessible With Cottonless: Cottonless is a startup that creates a line of high quality, eco-friendly home and lifestyle goods. For every online order placed, the company plants a tree. Offering fashionable styles for today’s modern woman (and man), Cottonless hopes to make sustainable living more accessible to the masses.

Cottonless is uncomplicated and easy: We don’t cut corners. We seek perfection in everything we do. Our high quality products combine luxury and functionality, while still maintaining exceptional quality and durability that is sure to last throughout the years. And our pricing keeps your budget in mind. We are committed to having values that are simplified for anyone to live by, regardless of the size of their wallet.

Our Values

Cottonless promotes sustainable living one product at a time: Cotton is one of the most important and most harmful crops in the world. It is the largest natural contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and growing it consumes a quarter of the world’s fresh water supply. We at Cottonless believe that with each purchase we can start a movement towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Not only do we want people to use less cotton, but we also want them to be more aware and help preserve water and land!