Meme Marketing

Powerful, funny memes which will perfectly portray your brand idea.


Per Meme


  • Up to 1 Meme per month
  • Brand Consulting Session
  • Campaign Statistics
Our Basic Plan includes 1 Meme Post per month by our talented creators. Spark makes memes for viral content creation and audience engagement. We create and distribute engaging memes that capture attention, strengthen brand identity, increase user experience, and drive traffic to your website.


Per Meme


  • Up to 10 Memes per month
  • 30 Minute Consulting Session
  • Creative Management
If you're just starting your business you need this. Our Standard Plann includes 10 Meme Post per months by our talented creators. Spark will also give your brand a 30 minute marketing consultation and work with you on creating a vision for a long lasting partnership.


Per Meme


  • Up to 25 Memes per month
  • Full Meme Marketing Strategy
  • Complete Campaign Statistics
Let us be your Chief Meme Officer. Our Premium Meme Plan is for business pros who want to outsource their content production every day. We put together a meme marketing strategy for you, execute and then optimize for ROI.
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Join the Meme revolution

Meme marketing is all about creating content that people will share with their friends and family. One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to create viral memes is trying too hard. You want to create something that’s fun and relatable, but not something that’s too complicated or obscure that people don’t understand it right away.

Why Choose Us


Our team of creators will create a stunning and funny, hard-hitting video, GIF, or meme in rapid time. No matter what your budget is, our process is simple

All About The Visual

We have the best tools and resources that let us create you the most shareable memes for your audience

Build Meme-worthy Outcomes

What makes Spark different? We are a meme marketing agency that can make your vision come to life. Our reputation is built on creating content that people will share with their friends and family

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Spark is a digital marketing agency that blends creativity, strategy and technology to connect businesses with their target audiences.

We provide meme marketing, business development and influencer marketing solutions. We function as an extension of your marketing efforts.

The interwebs is a crazy place, and we’re here to help you navigate the mayhem. We combine our expertise in marketing, technology and business development to form a holistic approach that maximizes both your online and offline exposure.

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Memes tell the story of your company in a fun, quirky and memorable way. Meme marketing is a powerful way to generate engagement and grow your social media following while building your brand.

First, We learn about your business, figure out your campaign goals, and build a strategy.

Second, we create your memes, negotiate contracts with your influencers, and execute the campaign.

Third, we look at the conversion data we’ve gathered and optimize for the best results!

Influencers are powerful. They have large followings on social media and they can bring your brand to the attention of thousands of potential customers in a matter of days.

But what makes a good influencer? And how do you go about finding them?

We’ve been working with influencers for over five years now, so we’re pretty confident when we say that there are three things that make a good influencer campaign:

1) A strong relationship with your brand.

2) An authentic voice.

3) A clear call to action

Contact your rep with your order number and we will send you a dashboard with your campaign performance.

Client Testimonials

β€œYou can't put a price tag on the value of strategic partnerships with organizations that share your vision. Spark is helping our startup expand to new heights.”
Roo Troop
"It was a joy to work with Spark, and their team was extremely helpful in all facets of the creative process. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality meme creation service."
Less Media
"I've been in marketing for over 15 years and I haven't found a more creative, fun and innovative team like Spark. They helped me build my audience of 20K+ and create viral content & memes."
Sass Marketing

Make Your Brand Buzz​

Don’t just speak, spark interest! Spark is a full service digital marketing agency that helps you tell your story across the platforms your customers are on.