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The world is filled with polluted water. But why is there pollution? There are a few reasons for this – plastic, oil spills, and more – but the largest source is cotton.

Cottonless cares about our Earth, and we want to share a solution to a problem that’s been around for centuries. Cottonless only sells products made from non-cotton materials because we know that they contribute to the massive amount of trash in our sea.

It's our job to help the planet

About Cottonless

Cottonless promotes sustainable living one product at a time: Cotton is one of the most important and most harmful crops in the world. It is the largest natural contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and growing it consumes a quarter of the world’s fresh water supply. We at Cottonless believe that with each purchase we can start a movement towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Not only do we want people to use less cotton, but we also want them to be more aware and help preserve water and land!