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Shipping Questions

Do we ship worldwide?

Yes! We want to make sure you get your new Cottonless Products as soon as possible! But we also don’t want to add to the shipping channel’s environmental impact. We make sure to ship our products from only one location to make sure that it takes the shortest route to get to you.

How much does it cost to ship my product?

Your shipping cost will be calculated and displayed during checkout. In the United States, We offer Standard Shipping and an Express Shipping option if you are really excited to get your new Cottonless products. If you are outside the United States, we automatically calculate the shipping cost to your country via Standard Shipping.

Who do you ship your products with?

In the United States, we ship with the USPS most of the time, except in cases of extreme demand. Outside of the United States we will ship with the carrier with the lowest Carbon impact. This could include DHL, Fedex, or your National Post Office.

Estimated Shipping Times

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