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We make renewable products for a sustainable future

Cottonless – An Adventure To Solve A Big Problem: Cotton is one of the highest polluting crops in the world, and as such it should be eliminated from the global textile industry–this will cut down on waste and pollution. If we can’t eliminate cotton from our home goods and clothing, then we need to find a worthy replacement: Our investment goes towards development of a renewable, sustainable material that will reduce waste and pollution and keep our environment looking good.

How We Save The World


Produce sustainable products

Our team is reshaping the future of sustainable design through cleaner production processes that reduce waste, energy use, and harmful emissions – while preserving the value users expect in high quality materials.


Create green jobs

Our mission is to create green jobs that reduce our carbon emissions. The change starts with us, the individuals. 🙂 The greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of each core product are completely offset by organic, renewable energy sources.


Use our profits to plant millions of trees

We do everything we can to give back to nature. Our profits are used in various ways to help the environment and spread awareness about climate change.  We donate a portion of all our profits to reforestation efforts across the world. Our goal is to plant one million trees in 2022.

The world is filled with polluted water. But why is there pollution? There are a few reasons for this – plastic, oil spills, and more – but the largest source is cotton.

Cottonless cares about our Earth, and we want to share a solution to a problem that’s been around for centuries. Cottonless only sells products made from non-cotton materials because we know that they contribute to the massive amount of trash in our sea.

It's our job to help the planet